Time to wake up! Our neighbours are working harder than us!

What is the earliest time that Singaporean kids wake up to go school? 5.30am6am?

If you are not aware, Straits Times carried a report that some Malaysian students wakes up at 4am just to attend school in Singapore. Wakao, 4amleh! That’s probably the timing that most of us or our children are still in lalaland.

Wake up so early very shiong right? But our Malaysian sisters are not complaining! They wake up at this freaking hour everyday so that they can reach school (by 7.15am if you don’t know) in time before the rush hour. All that effort for a better education over the causeway. *claps*


And if you think that the children would have wished that their parents be kinder to them and transfer them back to a school in Malaysia, well you are wrong. In fact, the parents told sources that the kids refused and apparently, they LURVE going to school in Singapore. So they intend to let them complete secondary school studies in Singapore too. Looks like they need to wake up even earlier next time to scan their thumbprints before they can clear customs.

Yep, even though Johor also offers quality education, their minister say one.


In contrast, our Singaporean parents and kids have been calling for schools to start later so that kids have more time to rest so that they can perform better. They KPKB because they claimed that their children will feel sleepy in class and this will affect their performance=bad grades. (And of course, supported with many scientific studies and health facts)


It seems like everyone is not on the same starting point. Our friends across the causeway are already doing slightly more for a better education, just so to open up more opportunities for themselves, despite having to spent long hours traveling to and fro. Maybe what we need is to tell our (pampered) children to be more appreciative of what they have? And for parents, shouldn’t we also train our children to be tougher and WAKE UP before we fall behind in the race?

If you have parents or children who have too much to complain, please advise them to read this.