SMRT is v v sorry


If it’s on CNA, surely real news hor?

Wah wah wah, real news leh!!!


Hohmygod hohmygod they really say sorry leh

Are we seeing things?

Two head honchos of SMRT are “apologising unreservedly” to the Singaporean people?

Nubbad lah. This doesn’t quite make up for all the freaking ridiculous inconvenience of what seems like nonstop breakdowns, at least we don’t also have to suffer from management people telling us to be grateful that the trains sometimes run ok what.

Some more after reading this part I felt like the workers quite poor thing…


Ok mebbe my own work hours not SO bad…

 Err remind me to never become a SMRT engineer. What a shit life!

I’m still pretty pissed at all these SMRT management but at least… Ok lah you said sorry, and even if I don’t like your face, I will at least stop KBKB for the sake of the poor overnight engineers.

Just. Don’t. Break. Down. Again. Okay??