#MeToo – in Singapore got anot?

Apparently since Sunday the internet kena flooded with this hashtag – #metoo.

If you are thinking what I was thinking – simisai me too? People trying to tompang LiHo order ah? – basically what happened is this:

meTooFamous person asks, famous person gets


Ever since then, nonstop stories have come pouring out on Twitter about sexual harassment, abuse, assault – from strangers, family members, teachers, church leaders, everyone leh!! And not just women coming out to say they kena before, quite a number of men also – it’s really fucking scary lah!

Got me thinking – Singapore also got this anot? A lot of the tweets seem like from angmoh, because mostly it’s people from that side of the world replying. So does that mean over here we are ok? Or is it that people got kena, but just don’t want to say? Which would be typically Asian, right.

Actually, I think our version of #metoo here is… #kenaupskirt. Yes, upskirt. Because all you have to do is google “upskirt offence Singapore” and one maciam unending list of news stories appears… The first page alone got so many we also sian to count alr.

Wtf is wrong with these people???

What is the big attraction to taking upskirt photos and videos?? It’s damn fucking perverted lah, people trying to read their phone on the escalator in the MRT station or fall asleep on the bus also must be careful of you? Imagine if someone did that to your sister, or daughter, or mother (eh don’t assume out there no pervert like older women one ah?) – fuck lah I would lose my fucking mind.

Whether it’s #metoo over there or #kenaupskirt over here – dudes, we got to be part of the solution here. If you see someone trying to perv on a xmm (or a lau jie jie – see note above about all kinds of perverts also got), stand up to him. Help a sister (or a bro) out. Don’t be silent. Don’t let them be another person writing #metoo on Twitter – unless what they want is to tompang LiHo. In which case we fully support.

Fuck lah. The world is full of fucked up people sometimes.