SPH sacking staff to cut costs

One of the juicy news over the last few days was how SPH is retrenching staff to cut costs.

Ownself write about ownself in the news.

About 130 staff are going to be let go by the end of this year. Jin jialat.

What is very buay swee about it was how it is done and they didn’t bother to inform those who are going to be kanna sacked.

There are stories of:

  • Staff come into office and cannot login into computer. Maybe they initially thought, song leh today no need to work cos IT got problem. Turns out is really don’t need to work anymore- their accounts are locked because they kanna sacked already. WTF.
  • Ask photographer to take photos of townhall led by new big boss Ng Yat Chung. Then tell photographer after the event that he is sacked. Knn, if I’m the photographer, I’ll just destroy the memory card and walk out the door.
  • Although the higher-ups said they need to do cost-cutting, they also said they will hire 10 more foreign correspondents for Straits Times. Thanks ah, AMDK.

Yes this may be 154th media, but they also deserve some respect lah. Working day in and out for the company is no joke. At least have the decency to dare to tell those who are sacked in the face. Don’t put their names down on the To Go list in your big big office and then hide.

And, talking about cost cutting, how about cutting some of the salaries and bonuses of senior management also. Show some team spirit mah.

If not, please don’t talk big big about team spirit when it suits you.

sph 1.PNG