Berita Harian wrote about how Muslim husbands can beat stubborn wives

The weekly BH column is actually published for Malay Muslims seeking clarifications on religious issues. The article listed the various steps men should take to correct their wives if the latter persist in error, and the last resort is to tap her physically in a non-hurtful way that does not leave her with any mark, much less injury to her body.

This is actually a well-known content in Islamic study but the begedil BH had to screw it up by leading it with a misleading headline ‘Cara Urus Isteri Degil’ (‘The way to manage the obstinate wife’) and not giving it a better nuance and context.

Fuck sia.


If a trained journalist cannot even understand and articulate it properly, can you imagine how it will be received by members of the public.

Luckily MUIS got proactive over the weekend and send Ustaz Irwan Hadi to immediately came forth to clarify that the Quran does not permit husbands to hit their wives.


BH subsequently carried those clarifications.

I damn sianz, already last month, I had to explain to people why the Muslim only laundrette in Johor does not make sense, now I have to explain to people that I do not beat my wife.

We keep screwing ourselves over with shallow interpretations of complex issues.

Don’t know what else I have to explain about next.