Juwon Park – Why use FB to complain Workplace Sexism?

Who is this person Juwon Park?

Ms Juwon Park was a Producer at CNA who has complained about being discriminated. Because she is not Glenda Chong, Dawn Tan or Cheryl Fox, not many people actually know who she is. Until she decided to complain on her FB about her male colleague (a cameraman) who had been making sexist remarks at her.

Here are her complaints, deleted few hours after it was posted:

juwon 1.JPG

Basically – no boobs cannot be presenter. This is kind of strange, given that many of CNA’s presenters are like aeroplane runways. Even if they are booby, most of the time they are covered up what. Can see what??

Strange also that Ms Park deleted the post few hours after publishing it. A few hours is an eternity in the social media world leh. By the time she deleted it, the post has managed to attract the attention of enough online media to spread around.

Then, after MediaCorp said they will investigate and take action, suddenly, from “every.single.one.of.them (colleagues)” doesn’t believe her in the pre-investigation post, Ms Park found strength in “everlasting friends such as Noreen and Claire” and she has “learned so much in Channel News Asia from wonderful colleagues who’ve supported me and encouraged me” in her post-investigation FB post.

Wah suddeny so happy.

It’s confusing because it almost read like two different workplaces to me.

juwon 2.JPG

Can’t help but wonder why Ms Park did not/could not lodge the complaint to her direct boss, whom she said was “so supportive and caring”; or to the HR department since we saw how swiftly Mediacorp can act to investigate the matter and mete out punishment.

Also, why the need to post on FB, take it down, then post an update later? Does Ms Park want the matter to be known? Or not? Or just known to a select group of people?


But whatever it is, Ms Park (who has resigned from CNA) who was an intern with Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Google and United Nations before joining CNA is definitely more known in Singapore now than before the incident.

A check on CNA website showed only two articles by her, while a Google search on her returned at least 3 pages worth of search results. Not bad leh.

What a difference two FB posts can make. #fbsuperstar