Is it novelty for the sake of it?

Those who always thought that Singapore has very boring vending machines can eat your words now.

Yup, like those of you Japanophile who gushes about how the Japanese have interesting vending machines that sells all sorts of stuff.

Now Singapore also boleh ok. Giant Supermarket has jio-ed quite a few partners to set up a cluster of interesting vending machines at its Tampines and IMM hypermarkets.

Because we everything also want to be number one mah.

And is not anyhow say say only- the things on sale are really quite unique.

Besides the usual food vending machines (there’s popiah!), they also sell toys, halal beauty products, pet food.

There are other weird items like gardening kits if you suddenly feel like growing lavender, basil or chill.  Even headscarves are on sale too?!

We really wonder who will buy these kind of things. But never mind, must encourage entrepreneurship right.

The machines are available until December before we predict they will be removed because not enough people buying from them. Wanna bet?

But there is one machine that we think will see very good business. Giant will install a mystery box machine: put in $10 and the machine will give you a surprise item worth more than $10.

Some examples of the surprise items include Giant vouchers, household appliances and kitchen gadgets. Not bad eh? Lucky draw that is bao jiak (sure win).

Aunties and Uncles better quickly go queue up now before the good mystery items are all gone.