“Hands Free” Fare Gantry Systems at MRT stations? Focus on the fundamentals, please

So, the newspapers reported that starting from next year, LTA will start to pilot test some kind of hands-free fare gantry system.

Wah, super stylo-milo hor? Nowadays everything also SMART Nation. All the government YES MEN also copy copy to fulfill their KPI. Then can wayang to Prime Minister that they got follow instructions! HAHAHAHA.

But fuck sia, LTA. Please hor, focus on the fundamentals can or not? Cannot even make our MRTs work properly, still want to chut more new pattern. Old technologi cannot handle already still want to handle new technologi.

Later end up passengers save 5 seconds at the fare gantry, then waste 50mins waiting for the bus bridging service! HAHAHHAA. Damn cock.

This LTA and SMRT face damn thick. Their top executives still have the cheek to continue collecting their millions, while peasants like us queue up in the rain waiting for bridging bus services cause their fucking MRT cannot work. Fucking Chee Bye.

Come out and fucking apologise properly, announce that you will take a steep pay cut as long as the problem remains resolved, and use these additional money saved to hire more engineers to do the job.

I tell you ah, public patience running low liao. Confirm plus chop guarantee become an election issue if it doesn’t gets resolved first.

Then you can prepare to hari kiri together with your minister liao. HAHAHHHAH