So she really didn’t win

Swee la! Joanna Dong finished third place in Sing! China, and is the second Singaporean singer to leave a mark on the international music stage after Nathan Hartono, who claimed the second place in the same tv show in 2016. Well done eh!

Now, who says Singapore don’t have artistic talents? In case you suaku, before Hartono and Dong, we also had Kit Chan who participated in China’s I am a Singer 3. (Kit did not win, but she did good enough to trigger attention from Chinese netizens, and she won herself the chance to perform in China’s annual Lunar New Year’s performance! Considered buay pai k!)


So quite expected la, doubt anyone had high hopes of Dong getting her hands on the trophy, but then we still want to ask how come she didn’t win? She sang Jay Chou’s “Simple Love” (简单爱) incorporating The Carpenters’ “Top of the World”; and then the late Taiwanese singer Fong Fei Fei’s “When I hear applause” (掌声想起来) in the second round, where she gave the melancholic classic a twist with a light-hearted rhythm, and a theatre-style spin.

Maybe a bit disappointing lor, her choice of songs and the modifications probably didn’t work for the audience. It is either you LIKE it or you DON’T. Looks like it was the latter, which cost her some votes.

Or maybe, she didn’t win because it is unlikely that the show’s organizer would allow an overseas contestant to walk away with the trophy? See our prediction previously.

But whatever the reason, this doesn’t matter liao because everything is cast in stone. What matters is that her passion for jazz and music has earned her some recognition and experience. And she can also value-add to Singapore’s music industry and young local music talents who are still struggling in their journey to stardom.

Not the champion never mind! At least got try right! And can get into the finals already considered quite zai liao!

While we get all hyped up over with the finalists and their outstanding achievements, let’s not forget other young and budding Singaporean talents such as Olinda Cho and Stella Seah, who also did well in the competition. They deserve our support also k!

Now that we have Nathan Hartono and Joanna Dong…so who will be the next one to Sing in China?