Dr M: Beer fests? Worry about the drug problem instead

Dr Mahathir cakap drug abuse that leads to murder is more worrying than a beer festival.

He said this after a UMNO youth leader decided to smash 10 boxes containing 100 bottles of beer outside the secretariat’s building as a symbol of protest against any attempt to hold a beer festival in the state.

Aku laughed when I read this news.

Because not too long ago, Singaporeans were in a heated debate over the hijab issue in parliament.

Kau ingat how earlier this year Faisal Manap raised the hijab issue in parliament but was called out by Masagos who said that there are other pressing issues in the community other than the hijab. Issues such as drugs, poverty, unemployment and low income housing are overrepresented by the Malay community.

Online orang cakap Masagos dah jual agama dier (translate: sold out his religion)

So in this case, Dr Mahathir, the person who championed the Malay race over two decades as Malaysia’s PM pun dah jual agama dier eh?

The truth is, aku tak paham why some people can burst a vein in their neck arguing about the wearing of hijab in school but doesn’t put the same effort when addressing the overrepresentation of Malays in drug abuse, broken families and poverty, etc.

Surely, the later is a more pressing issue?

or are these issues of lesser importance? Will these issues go away if our sisters can wear the hijab tomorrow?

Is there something to be learned from Dr M’s recent comments? How come both he and Masagos, who are also both Muslims btw,  came up with similar conclusions?

Dr M