Singapore must develop its own Muslim Scholars, look to the future

Eh, the weekend news was all about the kita punya community in Singapore.

Terbatuk – batuk aku

As usual, Shan continues to go on repeat mode about rejecting extremism like a broken record

Masagos had went for a different angle, he reminded the Muslim community to develop its own scholars who understand the local culture, values and ethics, as well as Singapore’s unique situation as a secular, multiracial, multi-religious society.

Masagos warned that the community cannot anyhow follow an imam on Youtube for guidance because there are a lot of charismatic online preachers who are not quite right, some can even convince you that you cannot wish others a Merry Christmas and that it is haram to vote for your country’s government.

Macam these guys here for example:

In this social media age, we tend to look for foreign preachers (nothing wrong with that) but we tend to forget that we have credible ustaz and ustazah in Singapore as well

Aku opinion, madrasah students are the future of the community and a very critical group.

Dorang MUST master religious as well as secular subjects, understand current and socio-political issues, as well as they, understood their theory, philosophy of Islamic law, teachings of the Koran and traditions of the Prophet. They must be credible enough to talk about current issues.

How else can they engage the community if all they can talk about is the idealised past?

I only got one question, dorang talk so much, but where is the Minister of Malay- Muslim Affairs, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim.

Dia was at neither of the events by Shan or Masagos. Obvious giler.

Where could he possibly be sia?

Masagos B.JPG

Maybe we should be looking for our Malay Muslim Minister for a start.