MRT new pattern: ponding and fire

So we have yet another MRT breakdown on Saturday evening. Nothing too surprising- this is the new normal mah.

What the problem is this time is that the heavy rain on Saturday afternoon had flooded ponded the MRT tunnels from Bishan to Braddell stations and stopped the MRT line.

See this photo that has been circulating online:


Win liao lor, now even ponding can happen in the MRT. And seriously, it is not like we have not seen heavy rain before. Why this time so special?

And as if Nature is trying to make SMRT, there was also a trackside fire in the tunnel between Marina Bay and Raffles Place stations on Saturday evening. So that part of the MRT was affected again.

SMRT is still fixing the problem now, after one whole night of work. Pls hor, tomorrow is weekday. We need to go to work and go to school. SMRT better fix any problems by today.

Why is it that our first world MRT always got pattern one? And then keep increasing our transport fare. Jin angry.

Then the MRT staff and engineers also damn poor thing. Everytime got problem, they do the shit work and then stay up overnight. So thank you all of you ok, although we jin angry with SMRT.

In the meantime, better start planning alternative route for work tomorrow.

And SMRT, if u kanna fined by Gahmen for this breakdown, pls dun thick skinned increase my transport fare hor.

And you should give your staff and engineers more OT pay.