Geo-fencing? Won’t work lah.

All bike-share operators have agreed to have a geo-fencing feature by the end of 2017 so that we can see who never park properly.

But hor, how is it going to prevent people from anyhow parking? TNP says the feature creates a virtual boundary that can send an alert when a bike enters or leaves the “fenced” areas (cos there is no fence).

Still don’t understand, right. Come, we explain to you.

If you use a SG bike’ bicycle and don’t park properly, like inside the yellow box below, the bicycle will beep to tell you to park properly or you kenna fine—$1!


ast warning leh, only fine these people $1! Who cares man!

Even NUS Lee Der Horng, the one who keeps talking about transport, don’t believe the system will work. And his quote quite classic. He said, while geo-fencing will not ensure the end to misuse of the bike-sharing system, the agreement showed firms were committed to resolving issues of indiscriminate parking.


I think he is trying to say, give chance lah, the system may not stop people from parking anyhow but it shows that the companies are trying.

But hor, I still dunno how the system will “tackle errant parking” lah. You can put in all these fanciful tech, people will still find ways to game the system what. Just start to fine these inconsiderate people lah and fine them 1x big time. Singaporeans are like that one lah. You want to teach them a lesson, you have to make sure they feel the pain.

Then again, you fine them for using these bikes, they can just dun use, right.

And then the bicycle rental shops will be the ones that will be happy like bird.