Buy buy buy: Help lower the price of healthier food

These days, it is hip to eat healthier food, especially after gahmen sounded the alarm bells on diabetes. But these healthier options dun come cheap hor. One packet of a brown rice easily cost more than a packet of normal rice.


You see, almost double the price of normal rice hor!

So when MP Chong Kee Hiong asked in Parliament why healthier food are more expensive? SMS Chee Hong Tat’s replied saying that you need not spend more money on healthier options. Just eat less and choose healthier ways of cooking can already.

You can steam your food, no need to fry them. He also gave an example. For instance, you can spread a thinner layer of kaya on your bread to cut your sugar intake. EHM. What is the link here?!


Anyway, when he finally answered the question got what the MP was asking, he said cos not enough people are buying these products. When more people buys them, sellers purchase these products in bulk and can lower the selling price of these products.

Means, we have to buy more together machiam so that NTUC can bulk purchase and sell us cheap cheap.

I guess it might take a while for more people to buy these healthier products and for supermarkets to lower the price. But we spree together ok?

For now, try to shop at NTUC on Wednesdays ok? NTUC offering a 2 per cent discount on Wednesdays for all fresh fruits and vegetables until the end of the year. Dun say we never share.

Better than nothing, rite.