Third time lucky for Reserved Elections

Finally, Workers’ Party MP Sylvia Lim got her chance after waiting long long to ask about the Reserved Presidential Election in the Adjournment Motion she filed in Parliament.

She told the Parliament (whoever is left there) that it seems like the Govt is using the AGC’s advice as a cover to make the reserved election look like a legal decision.

She said that we all kena smoked during the debate on this issue.  That the Govt should have been more honest during the debate and defended its position that it is a policy decision and that it is done for the best interest of Singaporeans.

I support her stance that the Gahmen should have been clearer.

But on the other hand, how can she imply that such an important decision be made soley on legal reason by the AG only?

Then it means the AG can ownself make law for us and send us to jail at the same time? Cannot be mah.

Law Minister Shanmugam replied to Sylvia Lim that the Govt has “always very clear and upfront on the policy objectives”.

Even the media has reported him saying: “The government can decide. When we put in the bill, we can say we want it to start from this period. It is a policy decision.”

He pointed out that the Court of Appeal, in the constitutional challenge filed by Tan Cheng Bock, has also confirmed that it was for Parliament to decide.

And being the bulldog that he is, Shanmugam also said: “There is only one person in this House whom the courts have held to be misleading Parliament, and he is not from the PAP. Only one person after evidence is held, Ms Lim knows whom the High Courts held was misleading Parliament.”

Sneaky bastard, this Shanmugam is. He started the talk on the EP being a policy decision but ended with a low blow to the Workers Party by reminding the house about their blatant lying in Parliament about their missing Town Council funds.

Bloody hell.