PAP MP Zaqy Mohamad’s moment of irony in Barcelona

Wah piang eh. I tell you, sometimes PAP is really fucking insufferable.

Really damn hypocritical. Say in Parliament one thing, say out of Parliament another thing.

Take PAP MP Zaqy Mohamad for instance. He made a Facebook post yesterday exclaiming his surprise to see Catalan protesters damn united and damn fucking peaceful in their demonstration for independence.

He also share video to let us ‘appreciate’ the atmosphere over there.


But knn, say other country’s protest good job, but his own party don’t even allow people to protest peacefully in public! (except for the lancheow pathetic Hong Lim Park).

And then meanwhile, over the weekend, the men in blue arrested artist Seelan Palay for protesting peacefully outside our Parliament House.

Win liao lor!


Fuck sia, don’t ever let me hear Zaqy support the Public Order Act or any other fucking legislation that clamps down on Lim Peh’s freedom k!

Don’t any how shift your goalpost. Later score own goal! HAHAHAHAHA.