To URA: My condo is not free for all

The Straits Times reported yesterday that URA is telling condo developers to make more condo compound available to non-condo residents. Why? Because it promotes integration.

Crazy anot?! Simi lousy way of integration!

This is what some industry players said:

condo 1

Wah, so now I have to pay more than $1 million for a 2-bedder condo unit, then cough up $300-400+ per month for maintenance, and end up having to share my facilities with residents from nearby HDB estates.

Then, every day I come home to see many strangers walking/sitting at the common areas downstairs and you see more kids running, probably with their dogs, around the compound and at the playground. Machiam my place is a zoo is it?

Then I might as well just stay in HDB right?!

I can just walk over to use other people’s condo common space as if it’s my HDB void deck and buy bread from the condo convenience store as if it’s the mamak shop round the corner.

Common lah, URA. People spend so much money to buy exclusivity, privacy and peace. Not to maintain the condo compound for other people who do not need to pay a cent to enjoy it.

Our Gahmen use other countries as examples who are also doing this fenceless neighbourhood. But just smoke only. Yes, it is successful in Copenhagen, but are the fenceless neighbourhoods similar to that of condo development in Singapore? Yes, Hong Kong has many fenceless condos, but don’t just tell us the good things that suit your story. What are the security risks? What are the thoughts of the Copenhagen/Hong Kong residents? And most importantly, what are the concerns of our LOCAL residents?

You see what this resident of One North Residences – the only fenceless condo in Singapore – has to say:

condo 2.JPG

Finally someone who is making sense. And this place is so quiet that there is no HDB in sight.

condo 3

So URA, which condo in Bukit Timah is going to open its gates first for us to bond together?