See lah, Seelan, Police catch you!

What do you do when you too free and nothing better to do on a Sunday? Take a mirror, walk from Hong Lim Park, and then go stand in front of Parliament House and do a “performance”. In case you scared people think you are just walking past like a renovation contractor / home moving specialist, you must make sure you draw Chia Thye Poh things on the mirror, so everyone knows you are there to “perform”, not help to move house.

So Seelan Palay did exactly that on Sunday, some people called police, so police came, confiscated his mirror, and detained him.

Wait… story not finished yet.

Teo Soh-Lung whom we thought was there to watch show and say “So Long! Seelan!” when he got into the police car, is actually the real publicist here. She went to post on Facebook, asking: 

a)      What right police had to ask for our identity cards?

(err, harlow, don’t ask you for your IC, how they know who you are? You are not Zoe Tay leh)

b)      Why Seelan is still at Cantonment after one day

(err, we are guessing he is not VVIP, so he join the long queue of suspects?)

In any case, if you want to be attract police attention, no one can stop you, but isn’t it obvious that Seelan Palay and friends totally did all these to attract attention?

The question is whether doing this kind of thing will attract any credible attention for Chia Thye Poh and do anything for what Chia had gone through. More like trivialising his 32 years of detention.

Teo Soh Lung asked if anyone free to go down Cantonment Police Complex to ask what happened to Seelan Palay. Hmm, looks like there’s gonna be episode #2?

So Seelan got caught, so what’s the big deal?  Tomorrow if some “foreign talents” do some funny stunts at a workers’ dorm or in Little India, as if any of these zobo people will ask why the police check or never check IC and work permits, or question why they taking so much time to process the suspects. Tsk, tsk, tsk. 

But then again, Police also cock lah, need 6 officers to arrest one man with the mirror?