Singaporeans among those arrested for Syiah activity in Malaysia

Not sure why this issue always got played up. I always thought that Syiah are also Muslims ape.

Aku not ustaz ah, but kau try read this report which quoted Imam Masjid Ba-alwie.

 “Muslims from the religion’s two major sects in Singapore have been living harmoniously with a sense of mutual respect for over a century, said Syed Hassan Al-Attas, a respected Sunni imam (Islamic leader).

 “For Sunnis and Shiites in Singapore, the relationship is very deep, and has existed in Singapore for more than 100 years… we don’t identify ourselves as Sunnis or Shiites in Singapore, we identify ourselves as Muslims. We’ve never pointed fingers (at each other),” said Syed Hassan in an interview with Yahoo Singapore.

When asked about the perception of some Sunnis around the world that Shiites are not true believers, the imam disagreed.

“If they are not Muslims, how can the Saudi government approve their visas to enter Mecca? They are Muslims too,” he said.

He felt that the squabbles between Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia and its allies, and Shiite-majority Iran are political in nature and have nothing to do with religion.

Aku research and found out that maybe it’s because the Malaysia government see their Syiah community differently.

This was a statement by their JAKIM (equivalent of kita punya MUIS)

“All branches of Syiah teachings deviate from the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Islamic faith (Sunni Islam) practised in this country, and violate Islamic law, says Malaysia Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

Its director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha also categorically refuted claims that there were branches of the Syiah doctrine in this country having similarities with Sunni Islam.

He said according to studies done by Jakim, the active propagation of the Ithna-‘ashariyyah branch of Syiah teachings or The Twelve Imams started in Malaysia after the success of the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran.

“As such, the Syiah teachings practised by the followers in Malaysia until today is The Twelve Imams stream which deviate from true Islamic teachings,” he said.”

Malaysia memang outright ban syiah.

Not sure who is right la kan, but the believers from both sects in Singapore see each other as part of one religion and have joined together in building the Muslim community.

For example, both Sunnis and Shiites in Singapore worked together to establish the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

(During) the formation of MUIS in 1970, the legal adviser was the late (prominent Persian lawyer) Mohamed Javad Namazie, who is a Shiite.”

Other Shiites have also contributed to the Sunni-dominated Muslim community here,

MKAC (Muslim Kidney Action Association) Ameerali (Abdeali), he’s a Shiite. Jumabhoy, the one from Scotts, Dr Kutubuddin, Mr Tayebali, and many others, are all Shiites who contributed to the betterment of Singapore, but nobody goes around saying aku Shiite, aku Sunni.

J.M. Jumabhoy, who was the minister for commerce and industry between 1956 and 1959, was a Shiite too

Aku feel , that the local Muslim community’s relations are cordial, kita must jangan ter- influenced dengan social media and videos.

Yang important, you are given your space (to worship), so don’t abuse your space. If you are here to create disharmony, the law will come in.