Singapore Muslims the same as the owner of the launderette?

Did you guys read about the self-service launderette in Muar, Johor, which made the news for allowing only Muslim customers to use its facilities?

A photo made its rounds on social media, showing a sign at the launderette that said “Only for Muslims”, along with instructions for customers to remove their shoes before entering.

My initial reactions was Alamak, extreme pe…

Since the news broke, the whole nation, especially the Johor Sultan, have come forth to condemn the launderette.

“This is not a Taliban state” he said, describing the actions of the laundrette as being too extreme.

(Aku Salute, but i think he also got play to the gallery la . . .cari chance only . . .)

Aku interested if we can use this example to draw similarities with the halal and non-halal microwave or halal and non-halal fridge in the pantry?

According to a report by The Star Online on Monday (Sep 25), the operator of the launderette said he was “just carrying out his duty as a Muslim”, adding that he welcomed Muslims of all races.

Does this fall under the same ambit as people who cannot wish others a Merry Christmas, who judge a male and female who shake hands as a form of greeting and who says root beers are haram because it has the word beer in it?

Which part of being a Muslim requires you to shun the other race, preventing the sharing of common spaces and to exercise your common sense.

Aku thought, being a Muslim is all about inclusiveness, being able to perform your obligations safely in a shared space and not imposing your restrictions onto others.

Are Singapore Muslims the same as the owner of the launderette? If Islam is all about inclusiveness, then where do kita draw the line?