Pritam Singh says he would have no problem if leadership was all Chinese

So Workers Party’s Pritam Singh gave an interview to Zaobao a few days ago during their spanking new HQ opening (#marineparade) and said, among other things, that he, as a member of the minority community, would not have a problem if all our leaders were Chinese.


Umm, a bit ironic hor? Because:

  1. Apart from JB Jeyaratnam from doggone years ago, can you think of even one non-Chinese MP that WP has tried to field in a SMC during elections? Yeah, I also cannot think of any.
  2. This same feller was the one who himself go and kao beh in Parliament to CCS, saying that if a minority MP leaves a GRC for any reason (like – cough cough – to become a Mdm President) then the GRC must have a by-election because no more MP there to represent the minority communities. Why need to do that ah, if he says now that minorities all sure happy happy to have only Chinese MPs?
  3. Easy for Mr Pritam to say this. But does he rem that his entry into the Parliament is thanks to the minority requirement for GRCs? Does he really think if no requirement then Low Thia Kiang would come to find him to run? Pls.

Easy to say other people without saying yourself, ah?