So now there’s an additional step when you clear the checkpoint—scan for your thumbprint.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) recently announced that all car travelers above six years old will soon have to scan their thumbprints at the Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.

Yes, you have to come out of your car.

ICA says it is very easy one. 3 steps only. Don’t believe you see.

image (1).png

Very simple right? Wait. Notice the poster ended with a caveat—“Immigration clearance process may take slightly longer”.

Wakao. Now we buay song already. Because this extra step means:

1.      You mean I have to get my ass off my car seat to clear immigration?! That’s ridiculous!

2.      Wah, the queue at the checkpoint is already long enough liao, now still have to scan thumbprint, think queue until the cows come home then can reach JB la…

3.      More jammmmmmmm

4.      What about my eighty-six year old Ah Ma and Ah Gong who are travelling with me?  Additional inconvenience leh…

5.      Ehh the car lane so small, how to open the door and get down from the side facing the scanner?


Well, ICA explained that thumbprint scanning are important measures to ensure a more robust verification of identities, and security at our checkpoints are TOP PRIORITY. This is also to ensure that traveling is safe and secure for everyone coming and leaving Singapore.

Ok lor. What to do, nothing is more important than our safety right?

And relac la, this will be rolled out progressively to give travelers time to familiarise with the system, so we try not to ganchiong lor.

So fine,  it is painful, but let’s take an extra step for extra safety.