Embracing the Amos Yee Way of Life

Guys, remember Amos Yee? Singapore’s own l’enfant terrible.

He has been quiet for awhile, when he was detained in the United States from December last year. If you had wondered how he was doing locked up overseas, Amos kor kor seems very happy.

This kor kor likes AMDK. He served 10 weeks in Singapore prison for his offences but escaped to the US where he has been detained for 10 months since last year in the US.

But it is ok. Amos got lucky and was freed yesterday, after the Board of Immigration Appeals upheld a Chicago Immigration judge’s ruling that Amos’ fear of being persecuted was well, legit. Siao right?

And tadah, here is the new Amos kor kor.

Before US:

amos 3


After US:

amos 2.png

Eh, Amos kor kor is very bak bak now can? Almost like he got puberty a second time.

All skinny-until-pants-want-to-drop people trying to put on weight and muscle should #belikeAmos and spend a year in American jail. Confirm you blossom like a flower. A ugly, bushy one, but still a flower.

What does Amos kor kor want do now?

He said he doesn’t intend to go back to studying. He wants to produce more videos (really is not scared anymore), now that he can criticise the Singapore government without fear of being jailed – and also make videos on American politics.

After one year, Amos Yee can apply for a green card to become a AMDK, since he has been granted asylum.

And his family? He has not spoken about – not even his poor mother who was probably worrying about him all year. Really is Si Ginna.

Good luck in America, Amos kor kor! Hopefully the ang mohs there will be more accepting of your (fake) accent.

And for goodness’ sake, get better hair since the US has a thriving beauty industry.