SCDF and NEA don’t know what’s so smelly

Did you smell that @#$%^&* foul smell last evening?

When the smell suddenly hit Singaporeans last evening, everyone happily started calling SCDF (because brain not working, all can only remember 995).

So, we imagine the operator’s conversation with a caller would probably be like this:

SCDF Operator: Hello 995, this is the SCDF operator speaking. How can I help you? 

Aunty-tato: Hello SCDF Ah! Eh got this funny smelly smell in the air. Is it somewhere chibabom? 

SCDF Operator: Ok, can you tell me your location and can you describe the smell? 

Aunty-tato: I in Seng Kang here. I think it smelt like my ah lao ate 1 lorry of liew lians, then give one giant burp lah. Also a bit smell like that my neighbour’s cat.  

SCDF Operator: Ok thank you Ma’am. I need you to tell me more accurately about the smell. Is it durian or is it cat?

Aunty-tato: Ahhhh Gas lah! I think going to chibabom already. You better send fire engine down standby ok? I at Blk 123 Sengkang West. Hurrry! *cough cough* Jin smelly!

SCDF Operator: Ok thank you Ma’am. I can’t guess if it is durian or cat smell. You have to tell me.  

Aunty-tato: Gas…. Like gas from the cooking one, not asking you to guess lah! OMG, you trying to be funny is it? 


SCDF Operator: Ma’am… Ma’am… are you there? 


Anyway, back to that smell. The SCDF was also fast to post on their Facebook

Actually, is just to tell Singaporeans, “eh, not my daiji, ask NEA”.


2 hours later, SCDF still haven’t figure out what is burning. So just posted, “…have not detected the presence of Toxic Industrial Chemicals in the air”.

scdf 2

NEA also went one big round around the bush to tell us “not sure where the smell is coming from”.

scdf 3.png

And ask us to ask the Wind God for help. WHILE Singaporeans still continue to breathe in the “aromatherapy”. So what exactly happened last night? You ask me, I ask who?