Don’t let Pradip die in vain

By now you must have all read about the needless death of Pradip Subramaniam. When I first saw the news, I thought it was fake news siol. Because it was so unbelievable.

How could the organisers let two ill-prepared and unqualified men fight it out like professional MMA fighters? What the hell is going on here?


It was supposed to be for fun and laughter. But now a young man is dead. Pradip was only 32 years old. Why should a man in his prime of his life be sacrificed for the amusement of the paying audience?

So apparently the fight was sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC) which presides over professional fights worldwide. But guess what, these two men were not even close to professional fighters. The organisers of Asian Fighting Championship (AFC) also need to take the lion’s share of the blame.


But yet there is one more organisation that is very quiet. Muaythai is a sport no? So shouldn’t our very own sports stat board SportSG have some oversight? Or what about its parent Ministry – MCCY or Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth? It doesn’t mean they left out the word “Sports” from their name means they can diam diam about this whole tragedy.

Haiz, I’m damn dulan about the whole thing. And Pradip’s family and friends damn poor thing because this young man lost his life over nothing. I hope this incident at least ensures that none of this nonsense happens in future.

This kind of thing is not play play one. Before anyone gets into the ring, they need to be properly trained and conditioned. Hopefully, this is the last time something like this happens. Rest in peace, Pradip.