The whole army came to push car

They were the super heros who helped to push a car stuck on a staircase at Waterway Point on Thursday evening.

Now Waterway Point has said that actually, the driver of the car is the boss of these workers. The driver had activated them to come help him push the car.

Like that also can? Ownself get stuck on the staircase then call your staff to rescue your backside.

Poor Bangalas. Now they know their boss is a blur cock. Heng my boss never do this kind of thing to me.

Ok lah, even though they were summoned to help their boss, the foreign workers we meet are often very helpful when we need help one. Like giving up their MRT seat and saving young children. Next time give you big smile when we see you, ok?


And to all the Singaporeans who stood around to take photos and videos, next time also help can? Don’t eyepower only.