We called SDP Damanhuri a begedil. He responded

The man responded to our previous article on his FB page. You can read his full reply here:


There is nothing wrong with a begedil politician who loves his religion.  What is salah is for him to brand his religion as a reason to push his political ideology.  Lagi worse, to reassure people that it is the right thing to do.

In 1964, UMNO uses religion to instigate the Malays to show hatred towards the PAP, who won seats in Malay majority constituents.

Long story short, racial riot broke out. Don’t play play.

UMNO’s aim was to “fight for religion, race and its homeland” placing key emphasis on the rights and the elevated status of the local Malays in Singapore. They hid their political ambition by saying the PAP was violating Malay/Islam rights, hoping to sway the mood on the ground against the PAP.

There were subsequent narrations but the 1964 race riots often include the political dimension where UMNO and PAP had a political rift and the parties flaming the racial tension.

While many Singaporeans may not like how Halimah became the president, there really is no need to brandish Islam the way this begedil did lah.

Like we said – He is a kentang politican with the SDP. #YourDamanhuri #SDP