Tharman says PAP got character, honesty and is true to Singaporeans- most of the time

He forgot to talk abt PAP’s high-handedness approach too. Knn.

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam spoke to more than 1500 students at the Majulah Lecture organised by NTU yesterday and told everybody that we have to constantly work towards a cohesive society which is regardless of race language and religion after a student asked him about the issues surrounding the reserved elections.

Bloody kentang, the elections over liow. Say these things now also no use. We never even get to vote.

Classic good cop, bad cop routine. Kena waterboarding already, then he come and offer you tissue and tell you how it’s all for our own good. Pui!.

How come he never say these things before or during the nomination day? Or when they were debating in Parliament for amendments to the Bill?

This Tharman really something, know when to say what. No wonder he DPM.