Forget it Joanna, you are not winning Sing! China

So rumour has it that fellow Singaporean Joanna Dong is the champion of Jay Chou’s team in the latest season of Sing! China. Wah seh!

Joanna and her agent said they cannot say anything but some of the (professional) audience who were in the show recording had leaked the news … way before the episode is supposed to broadcast on 29 Sep.

For those who harbour any hopes of jazzy Joanna doing one better than Nathan Hartono ie clinch the overall championship – fat hope. Confirm cannot win one.

Why? Because the Chinese confirm cannot take it if out of more than 1.3 billion, they cannot produce someone good enough to win the competition. If they lose to a little red dot with 5 million+ people, they may just go berserk. No face, you know.

Already, someone cannot tahan already when he saw many non-PRC contestants in the knock-out stages and wrote a letter to the Chinese media.

Imagine if a Singaporean wins the competition. Maybe WWIII will break out.

Joanna winning Sing! China overall title is just a wet dream because:

Joanna is too old . 35 years old leh.

Joanna is not a guy.

Joanna is not coached by Na Ying.

Don’t believe? We act intellectual and put together a table. Hartono has two X and he’s out. Joanna – see yourself.

table 1.PNG