Ng Eng Hen the neh neh nehsay anything about NSF who died in Australia

Every time i hear a NSF or reservist personnel die on active duty I damn sad. Cause lan lan no choice have to serve.

So I was damn sad when I hear that a NSF passed away during a training accident in Australia last week during Exercise Wallaby.

And I became damn angry when I realised the chao neh neh defence ministar Ng Eng Hen (NEH) never say anything about the incident and the NSF who died wor. Fuck sia, people die while on active service and you diam diam keep quiet.

He every time post things on Facebook with all the yaya papaya stuff and show he very satki and wayang wayang bullshit. But when the incident happened on 15 Sep, no sound from him.

He go and post about OCS instead.


Then people have military funeral yesterday, he never say anything also. He went to post about his trip to China. Lanjiao lah.

Wah lao eh, but when Ang Mo Dua Ki died, he fast hand fast leg go and post. Really chee bye kia.

Chao neh neh, don’t come and say dunno what NS50 lah etc when you don’t even give a fuck about the death of a son of Singapore (may he rest in peace).

Don’t talk cock k, cause you are a Hen. Not a cock. hahahahah.