SDP Damanhuri uses religion to justify his fight against PAP. Say what?

Damanhuri is a rookie begedil politician with the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

He is a firebrand who enjoys pushing buttons and stirring up passions on race and religion by telling the community to stand up for themselves

Personally, I have no issues with a vocal activist who rallies the community together towards a common good. But lately, Damanhuri’s interpretation of Islam and his explanation that he is using it to fuel his fight against the establishment is worrying.

“My religious conviction is very strong and is the driving force for me. The values i know of the religion urged me to take a stand for or against any issue personally and in society to the best that i can. This i learned from what the religion taught me through my reading and learning of both the Quran and the life history of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This i strongly subscribed to as i am very sensitive to the less than flowery image of my religion currently in vogue.”

Below is one of his latest post on the EP:

“Islam mengajar kita utk mendirikan yang maaruf dan mencegah yg mungkar. Perkara yg berlaku ini adalah kemungkaran. Menipu rakyat untuk kepentingan kuasa politik parti, i.e. PAP. Rasul s.a.w. memberi petunjuk, jika kita melihat suatu kemungkaran utk mencegah dgn tangan, jika tak berdaya dengan lisan dan jika itu pun tak sanggup supaya diam dan cemuh perbuatan tersebut dalam hati. Itulah selemah-lemah iman. Kita tidak boleh memberikan sokongan kepada kemungkaran.

Bagi yg mengatakan ini takdir ketentuan Tuhan, benar, kerana Allah izinkan, tetapi ia berlaku bersebab utk kita faham berdasarkan maklumat yg ada dan bersandarkan nilai agama, kita bertindak sewajarnya.

Persoalannya ialah kenapa kita memilih utk beralasankan takdir pada perkara yg batil padahal jika kita jujur kepada kefahaman takdir, kita sepatutnya lebih berani utk bersuara membela kebenaran dan mencegah kemungkaran.”

Rough google translation:

“Islam teaches us to prevent what is wrong. This thing (PE) is evil. Tricking the people for the benefit of the party politics, i.e. pap. Our Apostles had given guidance, that if we saw an evil doing, we must prevent it one way or the other. By action, if you can, or otherwise, by words and rejecting it in our hearts. We must never give support to dishonour.

For those who say this is the fate of God’s terms, it’s true, because God allowed it to happen, but it happened so that we can understand better how we were tricked and therefore fight it.

Our belief in fate and God should allow us to be bold in speaking up for the truth and fight evil, we cannot just use fate as an excuse to perpetuate falsehood”

Damanhuri is an opposition politician in which his main objective is to support his party leader, Dr. Chee Soon Juan get into parliament

I find it extremely uncomfortable that this begedil is conveniently using his interpretation of Islam and disguise it to say that the current system is corrupted should be strongly resisted as a Muslim.

What if I choose to believe otherwise, how?, Am I any less of a Muslim?  Even our Mufti offered Halimah his best wishes and prayers on the day she took office, is he, therefore, betraying his faith to be an accomplice to corruption?



Damanhuri is a classic example of a politician trying to gain political points by playing the divisive religion card. (Think Malaysia)




In Singapore, the Malay community is still over-represented in prisons, drug rehab centers, and financial assistance schemes, the reasons for this are complex but the result obvious – there are relatively fewer of them in the middle class, has this begedil ever tried to address any of this before?

The answer will tell you what kind of politician he is.

Bloody kentang using religion to further his political ambition.

Heng the community can tell a good begedil from a lousy kentang.