Racist fucks hijacking #notmypresident

Wah piang eh, now suddenly all the social justice warriors and simi ‘influceners’ all come out and weigh in on the elected presidency liao.

Or rather, the non-elected presidency.


First of all, fuck the PAP for using the Malays to advance their own political agenda.

But really hor, all these things just show racism rearing its ugly head. KNN I tell you, only a privileged majority, who don’t know how minorities feel, can equate racial equality and representation with fat people.

Like eh hello, how many riots have broken out because of discrimination against bui bui people?

Like super insensitive can?

You want to blame you blame all the other qualified Malays who don’t want to come out and run lah!

You look at the people who turned up at Hong Lim Park over the weekend. How many are Malays and Indians sia? Bodoh..

I also don’t see the Chinese majority protesting about other things that favour the Chinese? Singapore never had a non-Chinese PM, got protest or not?

Fuck sia.

Now all the racist people (consciously or subconsciously) are covering under the guise of #NOTMYPRESIDENT.

You racist asses, you say what you mean and mean what you say. All pretend pretend say against the process, but actually think we shouldn’t do anything to ensure that minorities are adequately represented.

Racist say you racist lah. Don’t come and anyhow make excuse and hijack the agenda.

Fucking chee bye.