President Halimah has her own Twitter emoji. But which country huh?

#ICYMI, President Halimah actually has her own Twitter emoji. It’s not just all hate online like #notmypresident yo.

Part of a collaboration between Twitter and Mothership, the emoji was intended to be in her likeness, with her thudding in Singapore’s national colours.

The emoji was also intended to be a congratulatory symbol for Singaporeans and the rest of the world, as this was the first time that Twitter created an emoji for a national leader in Singapore, and more importantly, for a female head of state anywhere in the world. It automatically appears if you tweet #HalimahYacob, #Mdm President and #SingaporePE2017.

Ok lah, the emoji quite cute.


But then hor, when we first saw the emoji, you know what country we first thought of? Not Singapore hor hoho.


Please. Don’t say you disagree. Once you see you cannot unsee. Almost the same shade of red, and that random star. Conjures the same type of imagery.

Which is kind of ironic, ‘cause apparently Chinese netizens have been saying that with a Malay president we are turning into an Islamic country. Erm. Okay.

Maybe what Mothership could have done also was collaborate with WhatsApp to create WhatsApp Emojis, for Singaporeans, just on 15 Sep today. Then we can have the different faces of Halimah – white tudung for PAP, orange tudung for her nomination dress, cream tudung for Speaker etc.

Quite cute mah.