Extend F1? Enough already lah.

This weekend is the F1 race. So fast again? Yeah bo pian what. Our Gahmen say it’s good for Singapore. I’m not so sure. Really good meh?

It’s been 10 years of F1 races. And that means road closures which means traffic jams. I know they have cut down the number of days they need for road closures. It’s almost like clockwork nowadays. But any number of days with roads closed means it’s a pain in the ass to get to work. Or to get to shops in the area.

Which brings me to my next point. How long must businesses suffer? It’s like an annual hell for them. Sure the F1 period is boom-town for hotels. But for F&B and retail, they might as well shut down. You can use the malls for the next zombie apocalypse movie.

Organising the F1 race does not come cheap. The Gahmen says that it costs $150 million a year and 60% is paid by the Gahmen aka taxpayers like you and me. Is this cost worth it? I mean the night shots of the race really quite

I mean the night shots of the race really quite chio lah. So all the tourists will want to come. But I think the novelty is wearing off leh. The daily attendance dropped to 73,000 in 2016 from 87,000 in 2015.

Does the race really benefit ordinary Singaporeans? Does the heartland uncle and auntie really think F1 is a good thing? They only probably know that they should avoid the Marina Bay area. Do they really care that Ariana Grande or One Republic is performing? With cheapest tickets selling at $78 for walkabout on Friday night, I seriously doubt so. Peasant Singaporeans just think F1 is for the rich.

At the moment, we don’t know if the Gahmen will extend the F1 contract. Although the F1 big boss Chase Carey certainly sounds keen. Maybe the Gahmen is holding its cards close to have a better negotiating position. Or maybe they really think after 10 years it’s not worth it anymore, which I really hope is the case. 10 years enough already lah. Seriously.DIzfQgsUEAA7fzB (1)