Couple only revealed wedding was sponsored in thank you notes after collecting ang bao

Wedding venue? Checked.

Wedding favors? Checked.

Wedding cake? Checked.

While the wedding should simply be very much about what the couple wants, because it is after all, THEIR wedding, for the guest, the concern would be how much one should put in the angpow.

Recently, social media influencer cum blogger Melissa Celestine Koh has drawn flak from mostly, her guests; after they found out that her wedding dinner was heavily sponsored.

Koh and her husband are both rising social media influencers, who held a lavish wedding at the renowned Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Hotel, and were donned in outfits from renowned brands, amongst many other things.

She later revealed the sponsorships in her post-wedding thank-you posts, which drew ire from guests who felt cheated of their ang pows as the couple did not declare these sponsorships prior to the wedding.

Upset guests said that the sponsorships made the wedding seemed “insincere”, as they felt that the couple profited from it, and would have given smaller ang pows if they knew about the sponsorships beforehand since most of the expenses would have been covered in one way or another.

Some are cool on attending a sponsored-wedding, as it will not affect the value of their ang pows (i.e. it’s a sincere goodwill amount)

While is it not wrong for social media influencers to enjoy sponsorships for their events, giving guests some light on possible sponsorships would definitely help to manage expectations to a certain extent.

Enough with the high-horse thingy, touch your heart and ask yourself – How much will you give in a sponsored wedding?

Our hearts say – Sincere hugs, kisses, and our best wishes are more than enough.