Who doesn’t love a sticker of PM?

You all may have noticed that PM Lee joined Telegram a few weeks ago.

Cool, another social media platform, sure. What’s so special about this one?

We tell you what’s special – pretty damn cute stickers of PM Lee Hsien Loong himself.


Ok, the stickers are pretty sporty of him.


This alone already makes the Telegram chat group with PM worth visiting. Based on our experience, these stickers have already come in handy in lots of our other group chats. Ultimate argument ender – who can argue with a smiling PM?

sticker.pngAnd this sticker was probably created by PM for his owl friend.

PM recently posted a picture of one of his favourite Istana visitors, who has returned to visit him for the third time:


According to PM Lee’s caption, this feathery friend last visited in 2015, and before that in 2013.

Hmm. Regular two-year stopovers in the most private and sensitive office in all of Singapore……..

Or does anyone else think maybe this is a highly-trained spy owl?

#BigBrowlther #CowlvertOps