Making babies in Sengkang- the how and the why

Sengkang West holds the record of having the highest number of babies born in a constituency last year. To be exact, 1284 babies were made and born to Sengkang West.

This feat was highlighted in PM Lee Hsien Loong’s National Dayu Rally Speech as he announced the government’s new plans for pre-school education.

Some trivia about Sengkang West: it first started as a ward under Ang Mo Kio GRC in 2006, and was carved out as a Single Member Constituency in 2011. There are now about 64,000 residents in Sengkang West, up from 25,000 a decade ago.

The high number of babies here cannot be attributed to just the young population in the ward. What about the young couples in Punggol and other parts of Sengkang?

We made a list of a few things that have it going in Sengkang West:

1) Sengkang Riverside park

Sungei Punggol runs through the park which is a constructed wetland. Couples can take romantic strolls at the ponds and mangroves which has no barricades or railings to fence off the area.

sk riverside park

2) Singapore’s first child care centre in a public park

The young kids of these young couples can soon study in the same park where they parents used to pak tor.

Skool4Kidz is building a two-storey childcare centre which will have the capacity for 360 child care and 40 infant care places. To be completed in the first quarter of 2018, the childcare centre will connect children to nature, encouraging them to explore, respect and learn in a safe and conducive environment that enhances child development.

childcare centre.jpg

3) Sengkang General and Community Hospitals

To add on to the facilities in the town, Sengkang General and Community Hospitals will open by the second half of 2018. The hospitals will be equipped with clinics that provide specialised services for eye and heart conditions.

4) New integrated community facility

There will also be a new integrated community facility which will house a childcare centre, hawker centre and wet market by the end of 2020.

The design of the integrated community facility picked by residents out of three options, and clinched eighty percent of about 5,400 votes cast.

5) Satay night

Durian fiesta, seafood shopping and day trips to Garden by the Bay are some of the community events that grassroot leaders will organize for the community. In Sengkang West, they have Satay nights where residents can gather to grill and feast on satay. Give us an invite, please.

satay night.jpg

6) Wine tasting sessions

Wait, they also have wine tasting sessions for the residents. Wow, there sure is lots of wine and dine in Sengkang West.

wine tasting.jpg

Could the combination of good food and drinks be a potent combination for child-bearing?