Back again: This time, whacking the courts

The Lees are back.

So much for saying just 11 days ago that they will stop posting on Facebook. Facebook, can ban them pls?

This time, it is a third generation Lee- Li Shengwu – who has fired the first shot for the second half of the saga.

Li Shengwu uploaded a private Facebook post on Saturday to share a Wall Street Journal article on the recent Oxley Road dispute, titled “Singapore, a model of orderly rule, is jolted by a bitter family feud”. He also commented on Singapore’s court system.

The AGC has responded to media queries to say that it is looking into Li Shengwu’s comment.

This is not the first time that Li Shengwu has joined in the fray in the Family Lee saga.

Li Shengwu had made a Facebook post against his uncle aka PM Lee Hsien Loong on 13 June when the saga erupted. The difference this time is, he has also dragged his Ah Gong into the spat by supporting an article that had attacked his grandfather.

The Wall Street Journal article was directed at Lee Kuan Yew’s ‘use of the law’. The irony of Li Shengwu promoting the article: he should know well that his grandfather had no tolerance for anyone who made malicious claims of the judiciary.

In his eulogy for his grandfather in 2015, Li Shengwu said a great institution “places the rule of law above the rule of man and we owe a debt that we cannot repay” to Lee Kuan Yew for what he has built for Singapore.

He said: “Ye Ye – We will try to make you proud. Majulah Singapura.”

Two years later, his Facebook post of 16 July 2017 is what he says of his grandfather now.