SMRT celebrates 30 years of MRT operations. Commuters reminisced better times

Almost 90% of Singaporeans use the public transport as part of their daily commute and many are losing their cool even before they reach work.

The East-West line went down for two hours due to a track fault this morning

Two days ago, the same line went down due to a signal fault

We are not talking about delays of five minutes or ten minutes. The last two breakdowns were at least two hours long.

That’s two hours of simmering, bottled-up anger as taxis gets overbooked, GRAB surge prices skyrocketed and busses become sardine cans.

The jostling is as real as the body odour of the person next to you

Even SMRT twitter feeds are not reliable. 10 min delays are actually 30 mins long. Sometimes they don’t even tweet that there is a breakdown until you reach the station and it looks like this.

smrt breakdown

In 2017, SMRT celebrates 30 years of MRT operations.

You want to know what we miss most about SMRT? – When it does not break down

smrt breakdown1