SG hires Taiwanese security officers, Internet goes into tizzy

The latest hot topic that has caused keyboard warriors people across the island, including one Opposition party, to get their panties in a twist?

Our hiring of Auxiliary Police Officers, or APOs, from Taiwan.

With starting pay of $2,675 plus accommodation provided, no wonder Singaporeans aren’t too pleased, given the lousy state of the economy.

According to SPF, private security companies can’t hire enough Singaporeans or Malaysians to meet demand.

This got us thinking: could the govt actually be telling the truth (!), at least about demand > supply?

AETOS’ recruitment ad says armed APOs can expect a guaranteed salary of $2,550 and a joining bonus of $3k, along with a whole bunch of benefits. To qualify, you need to be physically fit (not colour blind, no hearing problems), have at least 3 GCE ‘N’ levels, and be ok to work shifts, among other things.

Based on our completely un-scientific and anecdotal research (i.e asking around lah, but should be quite zhun lah), the govt’s claims that demand > supply could be true.

Again, shocking, we know.

But then, how many young Singaporeans want to do a physically demanding job after years of studying and society telling you white collar is better?

Many would rather find a comfy desk job, even if it pays lesser rather than be on their feet all day. What you have left is the older Singaporeans, ahpeks, enciks, but then how many of them can meet the physical fitness requirements?

So, armchair critics, easy to complain but don’t forget to ownself check ownself (thank you, Pritam Singh) and those around you – would YOU want to be a career APO? What about your children? Your friends? Do we have enough Singaporeans who want to be APO and are fit enough to do the job?

Actually if you ask us, APO isn’t so bad. Respectable job, decent salary, uniform also looks nice. Got free security training some more, which you can use to protect yourself and your family.


What about the whole Taiwan thing? Let’s just say that if we hire from elsewhere like PRC, nobody can understand their accent. And because Taiwanese Min Nan dialect is similar to Hokkien, maybe the APOs can communicate more easily with our Ah Gongs and Ah Mas, too

Plus if you got good genes, can actually get a fanclub in the process. I mean, look at this yandao kia eye candy CPL Lee Min Wei:

If the Taiwanese APOs (whether man or woman) look this good, they can come and guard our vital ANYTIME :-))))