Mobile services on circle line suspended twice in a week.

Commuters on the Circle Line (CCL) will not get any mobile service on Friday (Nov 4) as the three telcos turn off mobile signals to enable investigations into a signal interference which had interrupted train service on Wednesday.

This means commuters will not be able to make calls, send SMS or access the Internet when travelling on the Circle Line.


I was one of those commuters and being offline during my journey this morning made me think of what the hell is going on. Let me share them with you here;

Did a cyber-attack caused the signal interference of the CCL? 

I mean, we all know about how deadly DDoS attacks can be. It shut down major websites such as Facebook and Twitter in the US. It caused connection problems for Starhub broadband just last month. Singapore prides itself as a smart nation, are we able to defend our infrastructure just as well?

Why is the CCL the only train line that is affected by this problem? Was it a unique system which CCL used? Can this inteferance be leaked to all the other lines such as the busier East West line or the Purple line through the interchanges that they share?

I mean, the interference is technically a mystery. They don’t know what causes it or what its characteristics are. What SMRT is currently doing is eliminating the possible causes of it. This means that we still don’t know jack about it, so the situation above is entirely possible.


Until SMRT finds out the root of the problem and explain it to the people in layman terms, speculations will be abound.


Singaporeans lost their minds when Starhub experienced connectivity issues due to the DDoS attacks. Singaporeans lost their mind s again when they lost all connectivity when telcos suspended their services along the CCL

Singaporeans should shut up and just accept these minor inconveniences and be thankful that we are stepping up to be a Smart Nation.